Our charges

Our professional fees are reasonable and can be rightly termed as real value for the service we render and provide. Our professional fee is based on the nature, complexity and the approximate time for completion of the case. Such fee is however, exclusive of all actual and incidental expenses. Special customized rates are applicable for our retainer clients.

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We are open to different fee structures, depending on the client and type of case. As per practice prevailing in Pakistan, our professional charges are based on the following types:

Lump sum charges: Lump sum charges based on the approximate time to be consumed in a case can be paid. Such lump sum charges are full and final charges but only include our professional bill and are not extended to actual expenses.

Hourly basis: Our hourly rates are significantly lower than those billed at large firms for advocates with similar experience and backgrounds. Hourly rates depend upon the advocate dealing the matter and the number of associate advocates or paralegals involved in the matter.  Detailed billing rates are provided on request.

Retainership basis: Lower rates are charged to clients who retain us by paying nominal monthly fees.

Payment terms

All payments to be made in account payees cheque in favour of ‘Aga Faquir Mohammad & Co’.

International clients are required to pay through telegraphic transfer to our bankers.

Our National Tax Number is 2145253-9